Lunch Menu

Selection of sandwiches                        £2.75 per head
Selection of baguettes                           £2.75 per head
Selection of wraps                                  £3.00 per head

Snack Menu

Homemade quiche                                  £2.25 per head
Finger food                                               £2.25 per head
Crudités                                                    £1.75 per head
Crisp bowls                                              £2.00 per bowl
Pasta bowl                                               £3.00 per bowl
Salad bowl                                               £2.25 per bowl
Coleslaw bowl                                         £3.00 per bowl

Dessert Menu

Selection of cakes                                   £2.50 per head
Fruit platter                                               £2.50 per head
Cheese & biscuit platter                          £10.00 per platter


Orange or apple juice                             £2.50 per jug
Selection of canned or bottled drinks from 80p
Create the perfect buffet by selecting any combination of the above. All buffets come with paper plates and plastic knives & forks where necessary. Please allow 24 hours for free delivery. If there is anything you would like that is not on the list, please call or email and we will try to meet your requirements. Please add 20% VAT for all buffets delivered. To arrange a buffet please call or email and ask for Wendy or Sarah.